Annie has a great eye for photos. She was very friendly and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She knows her way around Haarlem and many cool photo spots. She turned around my photos really quickly and they all turned out great. I would highly recommend this experience with Annie, especially if you travel a lot on your own, its so nice to have photos of your trip that aren’t selfies!!
— Autumn
I’m so happy I found Annie she is Truly an Amazing Professional Photographer and a Great person . Super sweet , funny and very easy going . I can’t say enough positive things about her. I love all my pictures . She also delivered them very quick, faster than I expected. She was amazing and super easy to work with . 100% recommend Most definitely 5 stars !!! Couldn’t be happier with the quality of work! Best service for the value! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!
— Andreina

When people think of the Netherlands, their imaginations are often limited to a few clichés: wooden clogs, windmills, bicycles… you get the picture. When visiting, it’s important to remember that size isn’t everything, and despite being a small country geographically, the Netherlands is packed with world famous icons.
The fact is that Amsterdam’s web of canals, the stunning works of Old Masters, unique Delft Blue earthenware, and tulip fields stretching as far as the eye can see are just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you’re looking for travel photos, elegant portraits or something else, my bright, clean and airy photography style will ensure you remember your Dutch adventure for years to come, with the perfect set of pictures.

Whether you’re looking to explore the hidden beauty spots of Amsterdam, or you’re keen to get to know the nearby gem of Haarlem, I can show you a world of fantastical imagery you might otherwise have missed, as your guide and photographer. My extensive professional experience means I am able to pay attention to detail to pick out the right location, while still being able to focus a lot on bringing out your natural emotions to catch on camera. If you are traveling solo, this portrait session is perfect for you, providing you with a unique insight into some of the most gorgeous photo spots in Amsterdam.

Please feel free to get in touch, and let’s chat about your ideas!

I have never had my photos done professionally and everything about this experience is wonderful! Annie is SO kind. She walked me all over Haarlem and left me with tons of suggestions and knowledge. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to capture there time spent in this beautiful city. I’m so excited to post all my photos to Instagram lol Annie is the lady!
— Betsy
I must say, when I signed up for this experience, I was trying really hard to not keep my expectations high..simply because it was the first time I was trying something like this and wasn’t sure how it would turn out to be. To say that I had an Amazing time with Annie would be an understatement! Right from the time I met her, she put me at ease with her approachable attitude and friendly demeanour...I’m so awkward with any kind of posing but Annie changed that! She chatted with me throughout so that I got comfortable around her and getting photographed in general. She has such an eye for detail - we ended up using my pretty little cupcake and camera as a prop for the shoot..Annie pays a lot of attention to foreground and clicked beautiful pictures of me in the best and most picturesque spots of Amsterdam. I was absolutely thrilled after such an amazing photoshoot and when she sent me the pictures, I was jumping with excitement at how she made me look! I got tons of compliments on the pictures. Oh, and also, she is such an amazing person to hang out with..I got some very useful photography and posing tips for her and also ended up exchanging notes on Instagramming over drinks! If you’re in Amsterdam and want someone to click beautiful pictures of you, I highly recommend her! Thanks Annie for making my trip memorable :)
— Saumya