Photo walk Amsterdam & Haarlem

Amsterdam is the well-known city of freedom. You can be here who you are, and you don't have to be afraid of discrimination or negativity. But besides all of this, the city is utterly romantic too. As soon as you walk through the narrow streets and cross the canals on one of the million charming bridges you will immediately know what I mean. It is one of my favourite places on Earth. There is an other place too, less known but just as spectacular: Haarlem. This little town is exactly like a mini-Amsterdam. The reason I like is because it's not as crowded as the center of Amsterdam so it's easier to get the perfect photos here. Whatever location you prefer, leave the selfie stick home for now, and book a photo session with me instead! Contact me for further details and availability.

I cannot imagine a more romantic background for either couple shoots or simple portrait sessions. If you feel like windmills, bridges, canals and flowers are something you'd like to see on your photos, message me by clicking the button below.