You wanna know how you can tell if you’re meant to be with someone? It’s simple. Just sit and have a conversation. Some people when you talk to them, it’s like trying to listen to classical music on a radio with no antenna. You can push that dial back and forth all you want, but you only get static. But when you’re meant to be with someone, and they truly are the one, you just sit, start talking and a Beethoven sonata will begin to play.
— The Perfect Date (2019)

There are few forces on earth more potent than the love two people can share for one another. If nurtured, the passion, humor and trust that we share with that special someone can yield a lifetime of happy memories.
While just as no two humans are alike, every relationship is different too, there are a few universals. One of these is that along life’s long and winding road, there will be times when you will want to look back. Times you will reflect warmly with each other on the joy you brought to each other’s lives. Times you will turn to pictures, to rekindle the fleeting moments of bliss you shared.

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I bet you are adorable together, but never get 'real photos' taken. Whether you've just got engaged, visiting a new city or moving to your first apartment, I can help you to create long-lasting and beautiful memories.

I worked with Annie two times and both are amazing experiences. Most of the beautiful pictures on my Instagram is her work. I don’t have a sense/idea of how to make good pictures, but I want to have one for my social media. luckily she has the best taste in taking pictures... always love to shoot with her and never disappoint with the result. I will book her again definitely for the fall shoot!
— Anna B. / Facebook review
Yesterday we had an engagement photoshoot with Annie. (...) Annie made the whole session really easy and fun. She helped us with the poses and her great personality made the photoshoot even better. Cannot wait to see the photos!! Highly recommended for everyone!! :)❤️
— Dora N. / Facebook review

"Before we had our photoshoot, my biggest fear was to pose in front of the camera, but the atmosphere was great and Annie helped me to be more confident. The shoot was fun and the photos were even better than I expected." - Dori K.

Annie was incredible and guided us through a great walk of the Jordaan neighborhood while taking candid photos of us. The final product is beautiful, and she captured us looking very natural and relaxed. She’s very charming and makes it easy to feel comfortable with your partner while she’s taking shots. Would definitely recommend!
— Nick B.

Whether you’ve just got engaged, are visiting a new city, or are moving to your first apartment, one day you will feel the need to relive life’s great moments through photography. When shooting couple sessions in Amsterdam and Haarlem, I use my extensive professional experience to help you create candid, long-lasting and authentic memories, to enjoy for years to come.

If that sounds good to you, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your ideas!

Our afternoon with Annie was a highlight of our visit to Amsterdam. We had so much fun spending the afternoon with her! She is friendly and instantly makes you feel comfortable. She knows the best places to go for photos where it’s not too busy, making it look in our photos like we have Amsterdam to ourselves. She quickly edited our photos and they are better than I ever could have hoped for! She obviously knows what she is doing behind the camera, and I love her bright, classic editing style. We will treasure these photos forever!
— Madison
Annie was amazing she knew right where to go in a super crowded city that day. She got us away from all of the tourists and down the back and side streets and showed us different parts of the city. She stopped at some shops and told us the history and she made us smile all day. It was such a beautiful day and she made it even better with her fun attitude.
— Tom