Annie Kostolany Photography

Cuteness overload: simple children portraits

April 1st, 2018 ยท Annie Kostolany

I think we can all agree that children grow up too fast. And the small things we tend to forget first. The always curious look on their face, the funny questions they ask. The fact, that they are so cute and hilarious and they are so unaware of it. I simply love to photograph children: they are pure, natural, and honest. Taking their portraits requires a lot of patience though. First, I have to wait until they get accustomed to the presence of my camera, as it can definitely be intimidating first. It takes some time, so when I take photos of them, I don't stress too much about the timeframes of the session, and just take a little more time. Parents tend to appreciate it, and I can capture their best moments, so it's a win for everyone.

I communicate non-verbally with children all the time. As I travel so much, sometimes we don't even have a common language with them. It is something they do not seem to worry about much.

Cake mash is a wonderful, fun way to celebrate a birthday.

I am also very energetic, and love to work outdoors. It is important because this job sometimes requires to run, climb or crawl after my little models.

If you'd like to book a children or a family portrait session, just send me an email.