How to get ready for your photoshoot - the ultimate 1 week checklist

March 1st, 2017

So let's say you'd like to have a photoshoot. First, you can start with creating a moodboard on Pinterest. It's a great source of inspiration and it will make communication easier between you and your photographer. The second step is to actually pick and book your photographer. Look for someone who has a similar style you're trying to achieve. When you find one, and pinpoint the date of your shoot, it's time to start your preparation mentally and physically too.

So what to do 1 week before the shoot?

It might sound funny, but one of the most important thing is to stop picking your pimples. I know that sometimes it's difficult to stop, but a single zit is easier to get rid of in post-processing, then a big red patch and an ugly scar. If you can afford it, it might be a good idea to get a facial one week before the shoot. It will minimize the chances to get huge breakouts on the following days. Be careful though, because depending on your skin type, it can also lead to redness and peeling. It might all seem really obvious now, but I followed these steps when I had my own wedding photoshoot and I was really glad I did. My skin is usually horrible, acne-prone and oily, but I got a couple facials (one month and one week before) and used face scrub regularly. I still do, but I really paid extra attention to it then. On my wedding day my skin was almost flawless. It made me really happy and boosted my confidence a lot. So believe me, I know what I'm talking about by not picking those little bastards.

This is me on my wedding day. Even though I'm not religious, I had prayed a lot not to get any breakouts. (Photo by Andras Kranitz.)

For men, I would recommend to shave in the morning, before the shoot to arrive with a fresh face. Try a new razor and use shaving foam and proper lotion after, to make sure you don't get too many of those red bumps.

Also, please do yourself a favour and moisturize a lot. It is really important, because no Photoshop can help if your skin looks too dry and flaky. Your foundation will sit in all of your wrinkles, making visible even those you didn't know existed before.

Get a nice manicure and a pedicure. It's easy to overlook these things but it is way more expensive to get the photographer fix your nails in post, then to clip and clean your nails before.
Choose your outfits wisely, and don't forget to bring them! If there is more than one person in the shoot, pay extra attention to all of the outfits. The goal is not to match perfectly, but to wear something that harmonize in color and style. I always ask clients not to wear anything distracting: texts, too many patterns or bright, neon colors. Unless you have a fashion shoot, a simple, shirt or T-shirt is the best you can do.
Don't forget to bring all the props you'd like to use. Hats, flowers, chalk tables, books, or anything that is important for you to be in the pictures.

Ladies with long hair, if you wash your hair the day before, it will be a lot easier to deal with in the morning. Freshly washed hair is really difficult to handle, even hairdressers don't like it. Don't overdo makeup and if you use fake lashes, make sure, they are not peeling off. (If they do, it's better to remove them, because trust me, it will show.) Even if you don't wear full makeup, highlight looks really nice. If there are only three products you wear on your face, it should be foundation, lipstick and highlighter.

Try not to get drunk the night before. Not because I'm trying to be a party pooper here but because literally no makeup can cover it. And swollen face and red eyes are really not appealing. Just get a plenty of rest, and drink a lot of water instead. Finally, just go to the shoot and be yourself. Have fun, enjoy the time and the rest is for the photographer.

Feel free to use this list and please let me know if I forgot something.